Our pre-wedding photo approach is lifestyle-oriented. This means we focus on a couple's intimate moments as they blend with the surrounding environment, rather than simply following the trend of emphasising the location. After all, this is supposed to be all about the love story you share as a couple!


Ribka couple pics-066.jpg

Our Philosophy

Have you ever had your heart melted by a sweet interaction between a happy couple and wished you could bottle the love they had for each other? We're in love with true love, and as old-fashioned romantics we pride ourselves on capturing these truthful, tender moments and spontaneous emotions with no orchestrated scenes or cheesy poses.

We want to showcase your love exactly how it is in the real world, which is why we aim to use soft, natural light and environments. We think this adds a romantic, magical touch that cannot be replicated with any amount of post-shoot editing; the results are beautiful and artistic photos you will cherish.