I cannot praise Arch & Vow enough! Kevin and Ken gotta be the BEST decision that I’ve made throughout this whole wedding planning.

Kevin is always prompt with his replies, patient with explaining his experiences and plan of action for the wedding day as well as flexible and accommodating with our requests. Kevin is also extremely humble, giving and would go above and beyond to ensure that his clients are happy. Ken and Kevin are extremely dedicated and passionate about their work as one could tell from their well maintained website and AMAZING photos.

On our wedding day, they arrived ~1 hour ahead of time to scout the surrounding for shots (and this isn’t even my request - they’re just so dedicated and giving!), always on the move throughout the wedding day capturing precious candid moments and very politely ask us to re-position or pose ourselves. They were just as lovely towards other guests and vendors e.g. videographers - giving them equal opportunities to take their shots. I was filled with pride to have engaged such a lovely team.Their efficiency is also commendable as I receive highlight shots in less than a week post my wedding - unheard of! And these are high quality edited shots too! Everyone was shocked as we did not expect to receive anything within the first 4 weeks.

There really isn’t anything to complain about Arch and Vow even if I try to nit pick. I cannot stress enough about how amazing they are as a person and as a professional - fabulous personalities and high quality work. I assure you that you will not regret picking this team to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Ken and Kevin, thank you ever so much (for the umpteenth time!) for the amazing service of yours!
— Janet


Kevin and Ken did an excellent job on our church wedding, Chinese tea ceremony and wedding dinner. They managed to pull off a slideshow with photos captured during the day to be played during the wedding dinner even though the time given was really short. The few photos from the slideshow have already won the hearts of the guests. We kept getting comments from our family, friends and guests that the photos look awesome. Our wedding venue was rather small and the number of tables and guests were at its full capacity, but both Kevin and Ken did a great job in taking a lot of photos despite the challenge. It took me a year to write this review which Arch & Vow Studio deserves as we’re blessed with a set of twins and we have our hands full! We would love to engage them again in the future for family portrait.
— Sammy


Highly recommended!

What we love about Ken & his team is that they are very dedicated in capturing all the memorable moments of our wedding. Even though it’s a long day of hard work, Ken & his team are very professional and patient with smiles on them at all times. We are very happy with the photos and slideshow.
— Fui Ching


I love how Kevin and his team took our priceless expression in our big day!!!! Recommended photographers and i’m happy to trust you for my big day! He knew how to capture every moments on our big day! And thanks for being patient with us! Hahahahaa we will always support you! Good luck!! Once again thankyou!
— Audrey


Thanks Kevin and team for the marvellous job! Kevin and team didnt missed capturing all the touching and happy moments in my big day! Myself and my husband are very happy with the quality of your photos.

My husband and I are really appreciate for the hardworks and the professionalism carried out by Kevin and team throughout the entire event

Wonderful job. *thumbs up*
— Moon


The team dedicated their entire day to ensure we have all the best shots of our wedding. The day went by so quickly and I’m so glad Kevin and Alan snapped all the details that we missed while we were busy entertaining.


Once again, thank you for the beautiful memories of our wedding day through photos! Kevin and his team manage to capture our emotions perfectly and I was blown away with the photos that I received. We really appreciate all your hard work and keep up the great work!
— Sue Ann


Thanks to my cousin sis, for recommending Arch & Vow. Kevin & Ken are very professional, and I like how they captured every natural moment of us during the big day. Never nervous or uncomfortable about them being around. Love the sneak peek photos and cant wait for the final products! No regret!
— Sue Ming


Kevin & Ken captured the best moments during our wedding day. Love all the pictures and they are definitely highly recommended. Also appreciate the lovely packaging given with a thank you card.

Thank you very much for your efforts.
— Hui Jie


Highly recommended, very professional and friendly service.
— Yen Ling


Big thanks to Kevin for capturing our precious moments on our actual day morning ceremony, it’s Wow! Ordinary things or place turned out to the unexpected surprise!!
We all love it very much! Highly recommended photographer, his professional and humble will really do surprise you! All the best Kevin, regards dj&sansan.
— San San


The team dedicated their entire day to ensure we have all the best shots of our wedding. The day went by so quickly and I’m so glad Kevin and Alan snapped all the details that we missed while we were busy entertaining.
— Kye Li


Best family portrait ever taken, we enjoyed it so much... Thank you Ken.
— Joey


Kevin Teh and team have provided me and my wife 5 star service during our wedding and photographs to match their reputation. We are truly lucky to have them covering our event and very happy with the photos!!

We would definately recommend Arch & Vow Studio to our friends and family.
— Mun Hoong